Employing the Best Practices

Danam is equipped to meet the growing international demand for apparel with the development of best practice methods.  We have streamlined our capabilities for inspired solutions to valued client in a challenging environment.

We employ the latest technology, systems, process, facilities and services in order to maintain our positioning as an industry leading manufacturer in an ever-changing & challenging global market place.

This includes highly strategic techniques of lean manufacturing and management practices, ensuring resource minimization; with the objective of becoming responsive to our customer’s product requirements and maximizing our production and manufacturing outcomes.

Product Development and Sampling

Danam has a professional team of Technical, Industrial Engineering and Development personnel with highly proficient sample room staff. This ensures that a rapid turnaround in pattern designing, grading, modification, fitting and sizing development.

Our products are developed at pace, innovations explored and competitive advantages realised through creative process in developing a garment. We pride ourselves on our long term relationships & close collaboration with our suppliers; which allow us to provide quick and flexible solutions to meet all of our customers’ requirements.


Danam lean manufacturing and management practices are based on Toyota production systems, ensuring minimization of resources used with the objective of becoming responsive to customers’ demands at the lowest valued cost.

Danam has a core technical, industrial engineering and development team with highly skilled sample room staff to ensure a rapid turnaround in pattern designing, grading, modification, fits and sizing development, followed by cutting through modern automated machines.

Our production process is carried out through any one of our 3 plants. The unique stand-up modular cells create ‘speed to the market’ including quality, flexibility and quick changeovers. Danam has developed best practice methods such as employing the latest technology, systems, process, facilities and services to meet all international demands and requirements for apparel.

Technology initiatives include the use of specialized equipment like Pocket Setters, Automated Hemmers, automatic Cutter, Jean Belt Loop Attachers, profile stitches, welting etc results in garments of the finest calibre.

Quality Assurance

Danam has adopted a Total Quality Management System program with Kaizen. The development of strong systems and continuous monitoring of quality throughout the production process is a key factor in achieving high product performance. The garments, including the raw materials go through testing, several in-line inspections and final random inspections at AQL to ensure the high standard in quality.  It is assurance that keeps our customers coming back to us.