It’s More Than Just Cutting and Sewing

Making a garment is no simple feat; rather, it is tedious and requires complete concentration. The procedure by which apparel is created undergoes the following steps:

  1. Design/Sketch
  2. Pattern Design
  3. Sample Making
  4. Production Pattern
  5. Grading
  6. Marker Making
  7. Spreading
  8. Cutting
  9. Sorting/Bundling
  1. Sewing/Assembling
  2. Inspection
  3. Pressing/Finishing
  4. Final Inspection
  5. Sewing Defects
  6. Colour Defects
  7. Sizing Defects
  8. Garment Defects
  9. Packing

Every garment we manufacture is subject to these production stages. This ensures that the end result is a piece of apparel that is of the highest quality, assuring you the best of the best.