Danam is committed and focused in every facet of its business with respect to its employees, the environment and the communities within which it operates.

Corporate Social Responsibility

In respect for people who are the core strength of Fiji, we look into the welfare of the communities.  Our values stress the integrity and encouragement and we want to give something back to the community, which we are part of.  Our responsibilities extend to our local communities as an integral part of the success of our organization.  We seek to improve local community services by developing projects in humanitarian, disaster relive (flood and cyclone), sustainable farming, education, elderly and the special school.

Environment- Go Green

Danam encourages and promotes environmental protection.  It promotes eco-efficiency, cleaner technology, effective use of resources, economic equality, responsible product, recycling and ethical environmental practices.

The Danam  Green team understands the importance of reducing our ecological footprint on Mother Nature and remain committed to environmental sustainable apparel manufacturing

Lean Culture

Danam has adopted and implemented best practices in lean management and continuous improvement (Kaizen) to develop a sustainable approach that uses less of everything to give us, thus giving us, client and community more. Danam lean manufacturing and management practices are based on ensuring minimization of resources used with the objective of becoming responsive to customers’ demands at the lowest valued cost.