People Shape Danam

The clothing manufacturing industry, particularly in short and medium runs, is a highly labour intensive business. Along with the labour demands also comes the necessity to use quality fabrics and materials, satisfy client preferences and to meet challenging deadlines as normal expectations for a job well done.

To accomplish this, Danam realizes the value, capacity and performance of its employees that contribute to our success… or failure. We recognise that our people are truly our indispensable and utmost assets. Therefore, apart from our daily operations, we ensure that their health, safety, and welfare concerns are met.

Danam participates in an annual independent audit required by the TCF Council that addresses social responsibilities and the ethical treatment of workers. We are proud to annually score at world class levels for the past 7 years that we have participated.

In addition, we also mind the natural environment and the surrounding dwellers in which our factory functions. Our in-house committee ensures that our procedures are aligned with Fiji’s laws and OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) requirements.

Danam endeavours to be a company that practices the highest standards of ethics in all aspects. We promote eco-efficiency, cleaner technology, effective use of resources, economic quality, responsible product, recycling and environmental practices.